Friday 21 October 2016

October Product Review

As I write my October Product review I stare out the window at the many green fields of Ireland. The sun is shining and I am overcome with happiness as in 2 hours I will be at the airport collecting Davide after not having seen each other for over 2 months.
Anyways how are you all? This was one of my favourite product reviews to date because I have not one negative thing to say about them!
I will start with my gorgeous Zoeva eye shadow Palette I bought on Beauty Bay about two months ago. You may have seen the swatches on my Snapchat (CiaraSwalsh). This palette is everything I need for my eyes, from day time looks to evening looks. I am a huge fan of wearing burnt colours on my eyes and this palette is full of warm colours to choose from. I couldn’t fault this product if someone paid me to. Best thing with Beauty Bay, there’s free shipping to Ireland on products over €18. So I only spent about €21 on this in total. Bargain!

Next is the NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick, my first ever matte liquid lip. I didn’t find this product drying on the lips at all and I know some liquid lipsticks can have that effect. This colour suits my lip colour perfectly so even if it comes off a little you can’t notice it at all. Its durability isn’t perfect I have to say. If I eat or drink a lot it does wear away but I don’t mind that at all because I can just top it up a little. This sells for under €10 and I got it in Boots.
This next product is probably one of my most favourite products to date, Rose Gold Goddess Oil by Cocoa Brown. I bought the Golden Goddess a while ago and I fell in love with it, I was like a walking disco ball. So when I got my hands on the Rose Gold Goddess I was over the moon. I use this as a highlighter, on my legs and on my collar bone.  (Just a side note, Ice Goddess will be out in November!) This product also sells for under €10 and I got mine in Penneys.
Tip: Using it as a highlighter can be tricky if you use it the wrong way. The best way to apply it is pump the product onto a cotton wool pad and wait for the oil to soak up, then dab your beauty blender or your finger into it and apply onto your cheek bones! I promise you’ll be hooked!
Ever come across a skincare product that you have seen a considerable amount of improvement in your skin? I met the gorgeous Simone founder of 2B Organic at the Cloggers Bloggers Event in Cork in August and she kindly sent me some samples to try. She sent me the Once a week facial scrub which has a waxy consistency so I believe whilst exfoliating it also locks in moisture, the cleansing balm also of a waxy consistency and the Nighty Night Oil. All of her products are organic which is why I believe my skin has improved immensely. In June I went to a dermatologist in Rome for my acne and it cleared up a lot. When I told Simone she sent me these specific products because she believed my skin lacked moisture. After about two weeks my skin looked like it was glowing, I hadn’t been breaking out as much and I had a gorgeous dewy look to my skin. She also told me that the products wouldn’t interrupt the treatment of my dermatologist and she was right. There is also a men’s line on offer. These products are well worth an investment. My favourite of the three is the Night oil. After cleansing with the facial balm I apply one pump of the oil to all over my face and neck, followed by my moisturiser. The oil sells at €33 and you can check out the rest of 2B Organic’s products here.
Last but not least are these Provoke Shampoo and Conditioner for blonde hair. I got my balyage done over a year ago and I am trying to preserve the colour as recently I noticed my hair was getting a little brassy looking. In Italy this type of shampoo is very expensive so I just held out until I got home. I used to always use the John Frieda purple shampoo but after finding these I am hooked. I use it twice a week (the bottles aren’t that big which is the product’s downfall but after using it for about 3 weeks I haven’t even used quarter of the bottle!) I have gotten a lot of comments on my hair recently asking if I got it done again and I just tell them about these products! I fully believe in them and at least I won’t have to get a colour in my hair for a while since I have these to keep me blonde at the ends. They retail at about €4.50 each.

Chat soon lovelies!


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