Monday 15 July 2019

Gourmet Food Parlour: Review

A perfect evening surrounded by good food and good company. I was kindly invited into Gourmet Food Parlour in Salthill to try out their dinner menu.
I'm a sucker for restaurants with gorgeous interiors so when I walked in I knew I was in heaven, but I still had to taste the food. At first look at the menu I was pleased to see that there were options for vegans, coeliacs and vegetarians, I like a restaurant that can cater to all needs and diets.

Location: 14 Lenaboy Gardens, Salthill, Co. Galway (across from the famous O'Connors pub).


Of course we were going to go for their cocktail special when we were told what it was, 'Strawberry & Passionfruit with Prosecco cocktail'. If this is on the menu when you go I would grab it while you can. It was so good and a bit too easy to drink so I tried to savour it as much as I could. I could have had many more but we all know how that would have ended up.
(Note: notice the paper straws-bonus points for no plastic!)


I'm not the biggest meat eater, I'll have fish (because it's just too good to give up) but I try to avoid meat when I can. We both went for the 'Salt & Pepper Calamari' and I have to say that we devoured it. If I ever see calamari on a menu I'll always get it so I could call myself a calamari snob. I wished the portion was slightly larger, but that's because I loved it so much that I could have only eaten that for the rest of the meal. So huge thumbs up for this starter.


For our main course we chose different options, the 'Irish Hereford Beef Burger' and the 'Scampi & Chips'. Can you see my love for fish yet? The portion sizes are very generous as we struggled to finish our mains. I was very impressed with my dish. Usually I never eat the side salad with a meal but this one was really curated, topped with pomegranate, orange and a lot more, so for the first time I actually ate a lot of it- yes it is rare to see me eat a salad! The little touches like that really impress me. We couldn't fault our mains at all so I would definitely order this again. However, you can also get the 'Salt and Pepper Calamari' as a main so I feel I would go for that! 


By this stage of the meal I think we were ready to burst, but as they say, you have another stomach for dessert. That's what I like to tell myself anyways. My plus one went for the 'Chocolate Brownie' accompanied with fruit, ice-cream and bits of meringue. I (of course) went for the 'Caramel Donoughts' which came with a side of chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, fruit, ice-cream and bits of meringue. Again, we were surprised with the big portion sizes (surprised in a, "oh my God I'm so happy", kind of way).


Overall, I can't fault our experience in Gourmet Food Parlour in Salthill, Galway. The food was delicious that I cannot wait to return. Their presentation, service, staff, food everything was just top notch. Again I would like to thank Gourmet Food Parlour for inviting me in. You get a huge thumbs up from me and my plus one.

I also saw that they do brunch. We know I am the queen of brunch so I'll definitely be trying that out some weekend soon.


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