Friday 23 November 2018

Get To Know Me.

I asked my followers on Instagram to ask me some questions they've wanted to know, I wanted to do this Q&A so my readers can get to know me better! Be sure to be following me as it would be fun to do more.

1. If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Be able to make unlimited money appear out of nowhere hahaha, or else teleportation.

2. What cute pieces of clothes are ya gonna buy/bring to Paris?

Omg so excited! Gonna buy a beret, gonna bring a beret hahaha can't wait!!

3. Who was your best friend in Sicily?

My fru fru, otherwise known as Georgia.

4. If we lived in a time where blogs can only be written on paper, which of the 4 colours of the Bic pen would you use?

Blue hands down

5. Where do you work?

I won't give exact details but I'm working to save money to complete a second (more expensive) English teaching course in order to pursue my passion in teaching English as a foreign language!

6. Favourite part about living back home in Ireland?

Not having to pay rent, bills or groceries, it's allowing me to save a lot of my money!

7. How do you deal with companies who treat you poorly when offering collaborations?

Usually I delete the emails but recently I've been getting more and more emails of terrible "collaboration/campaign proposals" which are really just emails trying to exploit you. I put in a lot of effort into the content I produce so getting something that isn't on par with the content I produce is just not on. It's fine if they aren't demanding anything off of me, but brands who want to dictate posting dates, content style etc. for a product is just not on.

8. What would your ideal collaboration be?

Wow, that's such a tough question. There are so many brands out there that I admire so much. I guess I would love to create a clothing line with a huge brand. 
I would love to also create beautiful photo and video content for a big brand.

9. What's your favourite part of the Christmas dinner?

The Stuffing!! My mouth is watering hahaha.

10. Are you missing Italy?

So much my heart breaks every moment I'm not there </3

11. Have you trips planned this year?

Yessss! Two definite trips and another trip I still have to plan better and book! So exciting!

12. Are you excited for Xmas and the New Year?

Yes 100%, Christmas is amazing especially being around the whole family and just chilling. For New Years I'll be in Romaaa!

13. What's your most pleasant sounding accent?

I've never really thought about it, for English speakers, I would say the Donegal accent and for non English speakers I would say any Italian accent.

14. Where in the world do you wanna live next? 

Italy or the US, I would love to travel everywhere else!

15. How did you manage pain after your scoliosis surgery?

Immediately after my operation I was on a tonne of pain medication, I won't mention them as I'm not a doctor and feel like I can't give a proper answer for fear someone would take it without checking with your doctor. But a lot of pain meds. I also used heat cushions on the sore parts they helped a lot. Small movements ease out the muscles which were just after being stretched during the operation. Time really helped, the first while was sore but with the medication, gentle exercises and the heat cushions I began to feel less pain.

16. How long did you live in Italy and why? :)

I lived in Italy 3 years ago for one year during my Erasmus year. I lived in the northern city of Bologna and I loved every second of it! Last year I moved beck to Italy, but to Sicily. I moved after I finished college to teach English as a foreign language in a secondary school! I can't wait to move back to Italy sometime in the future.

17. I thought you lived in Rome but saw in your article that you lived in Sicily, why were you always in Rome?

I don't blame you for thinking that as I've visited Rome tonnes of times within the last 4 years. Just because I love the city

18. What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine measured in degrees, if untreated can cause severe effects and pain to the human body,

19. How old are you?

I'm 24 years young x

Thank you to everyone who asked questions, I've love to do one again sometime. Don't forget to keep up to date with me over on my Instagram as I post a lot more over there. You can find me @ciaraswalsh 

Chat soon! 



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