Wednesday 8 November 2017

Casual Days + Life Update

I find my style to be ever changing, but one thing that I could never change is my love for blazers. I always have to have a blazer in my wardrobe. It immediately dresses up an outfit making you look more 'put together'.
This outfit would be a typical Sunday outfit where I wan't to hang around the city in my casuals but still give off that essence of class. The jeans I am wearing are definitely one of my best purchases of 2017, I got them in the Zara sale for €5!! Can you believe it!? They are my pride and joy. I've also sported this look with my Guns n' Roses tee I got for my Halloween Collaboration with Pretty Little Thing, and I am definitely getting great wear out of it. Check out that post here.

If you read my last post you'll see I had a lot of motivation issues since moving to Sicily. Well I can tell you I am out of that rut and banging out the content left right and centre. Davide visited me last week which was a well needed visit. It was his first time seeing Catania so it was nice to show him around my favourite places, restaurants and bars. We even took a day trip to probably one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to, and it's on my doorstep, Taormina. The views of the sea and Etna from this city were just breathtaking, don't believe me? Then check out my photos on Instagram @ciaraswalsh.

I've just finished my first complete month of work over here with one week's pause in the middle where I returned home to Ireland for my graduation. I am so happy I made it home as I also got to spend much needed time with family and friends. Coming back to Catania after that week back in Ireland made me so homesick, I missed Ireland so much, which is a lovely thing. But it's completely normal as it happens to the best of us.

As I said, work is amazing, I travel to a nearby town everyday by bus. I chose to live in Catania which is a big city compared to the tiny town where my school is, because I wanted to be central and have a better social life, as well as that, I don't mind the commute. I have 24 classes to teach - 12 each week- so you can guess remembering names is a nightmare 😂. Apart from this, I am also doing an online 180 hour TEFL course so I can keep my options opened after this year. I really put off doing it but recently, I've had a few extra hours in the day that I've started to study and take the exams. Fingers crossed for me!


Other than that I have nothing else going on, I do however want to make a trip back to Bologna soon, I miss that city so bloody much! Expect more travelling around Italy and abroad this year.

Chat soon,


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