Friday, 2 June 2017

Review: Afternoon Tea in The House Hotel Galway

Myself and some of Galway's Bloggers meet up once a week to discuss strategies, general blog work and how we can help grow Galway. So this week we decided to treat ourselves and go for some Afternoon Tea in the House Hotel Galway. As a lover of Afternoon tea I was itching to go.

I had my 21st birthday here because I wanted somewhere with fabulous decor and good food, so I knew we were in for a treat. Walking into the lobby to see our table all set up with intricate detailed cups and saucers put me into photographer mode and I couldn't stop snapping!

We were absolutely spoiled for choice and got so much more food than I had presumed as in previous afternoon tea's I've gone, to we had a lot less food. Generally the food comes out in a tier of 3 plates, the top for savoury foods like sandwiches, the middle for scones and the bottom for the gorge sweet treats. πŸ˜‹

To finish we got some stunningly gorgeous cocktails. A way to my heart is an aesthetically pleasing cocktail and look how cute these are! If you want to get gorgeous pictures, here is the place. It's Instagram heaven! We all went for the standard Afternoon Tea which costs only €19, I got a green tea with mine while the others took coffees and hot chocolate.

As we were working we rang the hotel a week in advance asking if it would be okay to have the afternoon tea at 6 p.m. and it was totally possible once we made a deposit of €19. So if you want to get the girls together and afraid of times, always double check if they can cater you!

Myself, Aime from Floralesque, Shona from Sho Style, Kerrie from Bella and Vogue, and Kieran from The Galway Player all had amazing things to say about the evening!



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