Friday 3 March 2017

5 Ways To Be More Confident.

I've always suffered with confidence issues. I'll always remember my 4th class teacher preaching to me "Ciara have more confidence in yourself! Believe in yourself!". I think these statements actually made me have even worse confidence issues because everyday she highlighted one of my defects.  Oh the irony.Then came my diagnosis with Scoliosis which really got me down. But I've come a long way from my primary and secondary school days.

I'll admit, to this day I still lack in this area but my God have I opened my shell in the past few years. I put it all down to College and my Blog! Before I started college, or even my Blog I felt I didn't have a "calling" in life. I found that so many people had their eyes on being a nurse, an artist, a lawyer, a business man/woman. I was left there not knowing what I wanted to do with my life; even when I was a child there was never a time where I said "When I grow up I want to be a...". But once I chose to learn Italian, I started to realise I found something that I loved doing! Then when I started CiaraSwalsh, I found it just made me blossom with confidence. I began to believe in myself, knowing my posts were being read by all you gorge people just made my days/weeks/months! I started to become a lot more confident in front of the camera too which is so important if you have a fashion blog where you show off your style. I can definitely say with my love for the Italian language and Italy as well as my love for CiaraSwalsh I am a completely different person now and I can tell you my 4th class teacher would be proud of me 😁. 

So if you feel like you are lacking in confidence get out your pens as I can sort those issues!

1. Don't Focus on what you Can't do but on what you CAN do.

People believe that to become great at something  they must be amazing in every aspect. Well this is wrong, nobody is great at everything and if you believe I'm wrong, you don't know if said person is getting help in certain aspects. For example if you are incredible at photography but you hate working out your tax for the year, don't do it alone, stick to what you're good at and improve yourself in every way possible. Let the professionals take care of the bits that are just not in your area of expertise. Self improvement in areas you are great at make you a pro in said area, be the best version of YOURSELF not someone different. Believe me you will be bursting with confidence within your area of expertise!

2. Posture

This is one of the most important things with confidence. Having great posture will leave you feeling and looking confident. Pair this with some great eye contact if you are speaking to someone. Holding your head up high can do your confidence wonders. Slouching and walking with your head down gives off the vibe you are trying to hide, you don't want to be seen and you are unhappy. Psychologists have learnt that poor posture has a link to emotions, the poorer your posture the sadder you are and vice versa. Unless you are me and you can't slouch due to the titanium rods in your spine, who knows if I'm happy or sad! 😂 At least people will always think I'm confident!

3. Get dolled up

One thing that can instantly give you a quick confidence boost is getting dolled up, whether it be wearing that outfit or putting on some makeup, emphasising your features always make people feel better. I know I always feel more confident when I have makeup on. I know it may be a security blanket but if it gives you more confidence and makes you happier why not try it!

4. Smile

People always forget to smile. I think this resting bitch face has swept the nation (jokes you are all gorge people) but smiling more can instantly give you more confidence. You will notice how much better you will feel if you just start smiling when you are out and about or with friends, it's infectious. Smile at someone and they will surely smile back. Don't be afraid to show your personality.

5. Set Goals

There is nothing better than seeing your list of goals being ticked off one by one. I find I always get more confidence when I see myself accomplishing my goals and tasks. Whether it be goals with the blog or with college I always get a sense of achievement when I complete something. It gives you a real sense of power over your life and gives the feeling that you really believe in what you set your mind to. Set goals no matter how big or small. I recommend getting a journal, I can't live without mine and I feel so content and confident after getting on top of everything.

If you try these simple tips I can guarantee you that you will notice an increase in your confidence. I do each of these tips and so far they have worked for me!

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