Saturday 13 February 2016

Why I moved to Italy.

Hello Lovelies! :*

I know there has been a serious delay in blogposts, but study comes first so it has really been my main priority these last 2 weeks! But don't worry in 5 days I will finally be able to breathe! 

Anyways, I have been asked quite a few questions recently on my Instagram and Snapchat (both: @ciaraswalsh)  about me being in Italy so I decided to incorporate it all into one blogpost for you to read!

Why did you move to Italy?

I moved to Italy last August as part of the Erasmus programme. In Ireland I study Psychology and Italian so as part of my degree it is expected to go abroad for your 3rd year. Probably the best thing that has ever happened to me! 

     I entered 1st year of college not knowing what I wanted to do. I had to choose between a list of modules for my Arts degree. I studied French in Secondary school for 6 years and I honestly have not one word in my head. Probably my worst subject in the Leaving Cert. When I was faced with the list of courses I thought about how great it would be to learn Italian. I was fixated on it, I got advice from a lot of people and they all told me it would be a terrible decision. The only person who told me to go for it was my Dad, and I just needed that one nudge to go ahead with it. In my first year Italian was my best subject. 

     I then met my boyfriend (who is Italian) and over the next few months my Italian improved immensely all thanks to him. I was getting more and more excited to move to Italy in my 3rd year so after filling out a lot of papers I was on my way to Bologna, Italy! 

What do you study in Italy?

I study Psychology and random Italian modules to make up the Italian part of my degree. (Roman History, History of italian cinema and Childrens Literature) I study everything through Italian, I don't do anything through English so it can get extremely challenging coming up to exam time.

Have you travelled much in Italy? Where do you plan on travelling next?

I have travelled a good bit since coming to Bologna, I have travelled to Trento to see my girls Sarah and Vera, I have been to Bolzano, Milan, Venice and I am nearly always in Rome to see my boyfriend. 

I have some travel plans coming up which is very exciting. Davide and I will be going to Budapest in a few days! We decided to put our Christmas present money together to go on a lovely trip instead of buying each other materialistic things. So keep an eye on my snaps because I want to document the whole trip for you! 

With regards future trips around Italy, I will be organising some trips very soon and I will let you all know!

How does the atmosphere differ from Ireland?

Italy and Ireland are extremely different places. The culture is different as is the general way of life.

In Ireland there is a nice friendly atmosphere especially from where I am from (Galway), a stupid example would be, In Ireland you have to thank the bus driver. In Italy nobody would thank the bus driver. Although I know Galway was voted friendliest city in the world so if I compare anywhere with Galway the other place would seem colder. Galway will always be a lot friendlier of a place so I love Galway for that.

       In Ireland people think the only way to have fun is to go out and get so locked that they wake up the next morning not knowing what happened the night before.. In Italy it's not like this. I prefer Italy for this. In Italy people go out all the time but they don't go to a nightclub they hang out with friends, go for a relaxing dinner, go for an aperitivo, grab one beer and have a chat outside a bar. It's not about getting drunk it's about enjoying peoples' company catching up with friends and really just enjoying the simple things. Of course people go to nightclubs/discos but it isn't often; probably once every 2 or 3 months! Or there are some people that just don't go at all. 

       If you read my recent blogpost in Ryan's Endorphin Stew Blog I speak about the Italian culture with regards the Italian Diet. It can give you more information on the differences from eating in Ireland and eating in Italy.

     Italy is oozing with culture every nook and cranny has art or something historical. Every church is breathtaking. It's just so beautiful. Famous artists reside in Italy as well as incredible histories. Every place has it's own story to tell.

Are there things you miss about Galway that Italy doesn't have?

Oh God yes definitely!! For starters PENNEYS! I am seriously lost without Penneys in my life. You honestly don't understand the withdrawal symptoms I get when I see all of your amazing purchases on Instagram. Need.Penneys.Now...

I miss my family and friends and my dog Cody! I miss coming home from college to the stove being on and standing next to the fire to get cosy and warm. (Although I never have a problem with heating here but a cosy fire is just different)

I miss being able to express myself a lot more as language barriers can be a bit tricky sometimes.

I miss my Granny so much! Not being able to go over and visit her just kills me.

Can you speak Italian?

I can speak okay in Italian. I have a B2 level of Italian so at the moment I am really hoping to leave Italy with a C1! I live with Italians so I speak Italian every day. My lessons are all in Italian so I am really immersed in the language. 

Do you live with your Boyfriend?

No I don't, we live in different cities. He lives in Rome and I live in Bologna so the train journey is 2 hours and 15 minutes long. We see each other about every 3 weeks because college and study can get in the way but I seriously can't complain as I have already done 10 months long distance from Ireland to Italy where we would go 5 or 6 weeks without seeing each other! It's great having a home to go to while being in Italy as his amazing family always welcome me with open arms <3

 Will you live in Italy after college?

I have been thinking a lot about this and at the moment I am really considering it. I would live in a different city to Bologna though.

Is it hard to get a job in Italy?

I don't work over here but not a lot of students in Italy have jobs, It's quite rare in fact. A small percentage of students have jobs and that is only if the parents are really struggling with money. I hope to find a small job this summer but I will have to see how my exams are first. With regards where? I have no idea hahaha. Probably an Irish pub as I would be in my element! 


 Fontana del Nettuno
 Le Due Torri




Ponte dei Sospiri


 Il Vaticano
 La Fontana di Trevi
 Il Colosseo
Piazza del Popolo

I hope I answered all of your questions if you have any more feel free to comment below or snap me @ciaraswalsh

Chat soon my loves!

Love Ciara x

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